How to charge your crystals under the moonlight

How to charge your crystals under the moonlight


1. Collect your crystals together, place them outside in the moonlight to lay them out.  I prefer they be placed on the earth or a natural surface. Crystals like to be earthed or grounded, just as our bodies do. If you don't have access to some dirt in your backyard or lawn you can also  place them on a windowsill or on a natural surface like a wooden plate, on a balcony. The important part is that they are in the moonlight.


2. If possible, leave your crystals out overnight and collect them in the morning. Some people also like to let their crystals have some time in the Sunlight and leave their crystals out for 24 hours. Some crystals don't like too much sunlight though, and can become damaged. Some crystals are more fragile than others so be careful when doing this. If it's possible for you to leave your crystals out all night, that's okay. Just leave them out for a long as possible they will still be cleansed and ready for use. 


3. Charge your crystals with your intentions. What would you like your crystals to support you in? Is there is a goal that you have for the upcoming month? Focus on a need vs a want while setting your intentions. You may like to say these intentions aloud or write them on a piece of paper, do whatever feels most comfortable for you.

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