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Esthi Moon

Esthi Moon Yoni Tea blend

Esthi Moon Yoni Tea blend

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Introducing our exclusive Yoni Tea – a meticulously crafted blend of 100% organic herbs, prominently featuring the powerhouse Raspberry Leaf. This remarkable ingredient has been thoughtfully chosen for its profound benefits to a woman’s health, contributing to menstrual comfort, hormonal balance, and overall well-being. Nourish your divine essence with our proprietary formula designed specifically for women, encompassing the holistic virtues of Raspberry Leaf and other carefully selected botanicals. Embrace self-care and elevate your feminine experience with Esthi Moon Skin Wax & Apothecary’s unique infusion. Drink twice daily for a harmonious journey towards your optimal well-being. *Caution: Not suitable for pregnant individuals. Unveil the secret to a flourishing feminine vitality with every sip.


* Do not consume if you’re pregnant or think you’re pregnant.

 Raspberry Leaf|Other carefully chosen botanicals

Yoni Tea
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