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Organic Maca Root Powder

Organic Maca Root Powder

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Maca Root Powder is traditionally prepared as an herbal shot. It can also be added to foods, smoothies, or juices. To prepare as an herbal shot, add 1 teaspoon of Maca Root Powder to 4 ounces of boiling water. Mix well. Cover and steep for 2-3 minutes, then enjoy!

Pregnant or nursing mothers, individuals under 18, and individuals with known medical conditions should consult a physician before use.

This Organic Maca Root Powder has a number of medical benefits and it will boost your energy and drive. There have been studies that show it boosts and libido and even helps with erectile dysfunction. It is also used as natural way to boost fertility. It is popular with athletes and body builders because it increases the body’s energy and endurance. It is used to balance a woman’s hormonal level and fight symptoms of menopause. It is full of antioxidants that fight free radicals that damage cells. It combats skin damage due to sun exposure. There is also some evidence that shows it helps boost memory and helps with learning. 


organically sourced from Peru

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