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Indigo Gabbro

Indigo Gabbro

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Indigo Gabbro, also known as Mystic Merlinite, is believed by some to possess metaphysical properties that promote inner growth, spiritual awareness, and transformation. Many enthusiasts consider it a stone of intuition and insight, aiding in connecting with higher consciousness. Its blend of dark and light colors is said to symbolize the balance between shadow and light within oneself. 

These crystals are strongly associated with 'deep magic'. A stone of protection and grounding Indigo Gabbro assists greatly in connecting one to nature and as such is strongly linked with the energies of all the elements, though most commonly fire and earth. It is said to raise your natural intuitions allowing one to develop intuitive ability. Indigo Gabbro will align all the chakras and works especially well with the Crown, Third Eye and Root Chakras.



Keep in mind that these beliefs are not scientifically proven and should be taken with a subjective perspective.

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