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Esthi Moon Wax & Skincare

Yoni Wash/Bubble bath

Yoni Wash/Bubble bath

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Introducing our Yoni Feminine Wash—a sublime solution for your most delicate essence, free from the overwhelming essence of mint. Crafted to combat odor, restore pH balance, enhance skin tightness, counteract harmful bacteria, and alleviate inflammation. A refined, natural alternative to conventional chemical-laden offerings found in stores.

Elevate your balance with our Yoni Wash, providing a harmonious blend that not only keeps you feeling fresh and clean throughout the day but may also shield against yeast and undesirable bacteria. Enriched with Esthi Moon’s proprietary herbal blend, Vitamin E, Aloe Vera, a medley of natural oils, and essential oils—all elegantly combined with a skin-safe colorant. Embrace the grace of holistic care for your divine feminine well-being.




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